We specialize in Custom Multinational Employee Benefits Programs.

The Worlds First Multinational Employee Benefits Trust Fund.

Benadvize services provide you with one bill, no matter how many countries your team may be located.
Many employers are looking for the best talent overseas. By offering comprehensive insurance benefit plans from 2 – 10,000 employees in any one location. These plans will enhance foreign local mandatory benefits while addressing employee expectations and cultural nuances. Benadvize worldwide will help incentivize your talent. 

Additionally, we offer Travel Insurance for Companies, Groups, Families and Traveling Executives. Learn about the multiple and flexible types of Insurance Products you, your family or Team needs when travelling from one foreign country to another. We offer a very simple Quote, Apply, Bind and Issue system. Learn More by emailing Oscar@Benadvize.com or calling 786-218-6606

Benadvize offers the best Insurance Companies in the world: AXA, Allianz, CIGNA, United Healthcare and many others. No one carrier offers this level of coverage world-wide. With our International Benefit Trust, we’ve woven a tapestry of coverage which can meet all of your International Benefits needs.

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Employers are now looking for the best talent no matter where that employee or future employee lives. Before Benadvize, only the largest firms could offer remote employees comprehensive benefits programs. And, they needed to have more than 100 employee in any one location. With Benadvize, we can insure your International employees with as few as 2 employees outside of your operating company’s situs/Home Location. Learn More

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As the first Insurance Intermediary to create a complete Multi-National Benefits plan for any size group, Benadvize plays an active role in the negotiation, design and development of innovative products and finding relationships with new insurance carriers.