About Us


About Us

Our Founders have over 35 years of Insurance Distribution and Product Innovation Experience.

Larry Lipman, who created Benadvize, has created several cutting edge Insurance Product and Service companies.  From Cafeteria Plan Administration to one of the first HR/Benefit and Payroll SaaS companies, Larry has successfully launched innovative Insurtech/Fintech firms that have made a real difference on the insurance landscape.

While at Zenefits....

The idea of providing a Total Insurance Advice and Advocacy company was generated.   People need a Trusted Adviser whose only goal is to solve the real problems of claims denial or delays in processing legitimate reimbursement requests.

Consumers spend tens of thousands of dollars every year on their insurance needs.  But have an incredibly low view of the companies that provide them with coverage.  Consumers are at a loss when confronted with the challenge of completing a claims transaction.  While their "broker" or "agent" is an incredible ally, most consumers don't have a direct connection with the entity that provided the coverage.  Employees who receive their coverage from their companies are typically directed to a 1-800 number from their HR department.

Benadvize provides the bridge people need to get their valid claims covered and the resource required to assist in understanding how to navigate the Claims Administration landscape.

Next Steps...

Email A Census showing your employee's name, date of hire, Job Title, Annual Salary, Age, Sex.  If you need a template, click our link