Personal Insurance

Benadvize provides you with 24/7 Online Insurance Advice.

We offer you the chance to learn about the types of Insurance Products you or your family need:  Auto, Home, Life, Health, Travel Insurance quoting, applying, underwriting and policy issue are available in the Personal Insurance Section of our site.

Online Insurance Advocacy

Endemic in the Insurance Process is Claims Denial or Additional Requirements to obtain Claims Consideration.  Benadvize will take over the role burdened by consumers of corralling the needed data required to move the Claims Process toward Adjudication.  Our system has API's with many carriers to connect with the Insurer's Back-End to provide the needed data to further the Claims Process

Business Insurance

If you have foreign operations, often you are required to purchase Liability Coverage. Together, we can obtain quotes and apply for Business Insurance quickly and easily.  From purchasing Small Business Cyber coverage to protect the information going back and forth between your base of operations to your IT consultants or financial transactions to Employee Benefit Programs, Benadvize provides you with protection that can save important projects and attract and retain important contributors.

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Insurance Quoting and Purchase Made Easy

With International Benefits, obtaining a quote can be a long and sometimes an frustrating process.  Most carriers demand that your company have at least 100 employees outside of your home country's base of operations.  Some even require at least 100 employees or contractors per country!  With Benadvize, we provide coverage for as few as 2 employees, no matter where they may be (with a few exceptions based upon National Laws, like Australia or China)


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International Pensions

Many countries have mandatory Pension requirements for employees working in their country.  We have created partnerships with several well respected carriers, like Allianz or AXA so that you can comply with local laws.

Life and Disability Coverage

You would think that buying life insurance or disability coverage outside of your home country would be easy.  Unfortunately, without a company like Benadvize, it's practically impossible.  We've spent years negotiating a multi-carrier product that enables you to purchase these important and sometimes mandatory coverages


Benadvize Makes Things Simple

With our deep experience in Employee Benefits, we're able to provide you with quotes for all lines of coverage within a few days, in most cases.   We're not a "rating engine" where you type in your data and we offer rates and benefits immediately.  We've found that those systems are not only flawed, but completely misleading.  By taking a day or two, we make sure that what we offer will be approved.

Countries often change Benefits Requirements Annually

With our system of going direct to our carriers for custom quotes, we alleviate the problem of offering a package that gets declined and wastes all your effort to provide needed coverage to your international team


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