Benefits Advice Now Includes ALL Insurance Coverage

Benadvize is the only program available to include advice for ALL types of insurance coverage.  Most commercial and employer sponsored Health Advice or Advocacy services stick to Health Insurance alone.  And in fact, they outsource their 800 number provider to some type of nurse line.  None of the companies provide actual insurance advice because, by law, they can’t!  Their staff is no licensed by the Department of Insurance to do so!

But, with, we provide our customers with Real Interactive Advice and Advocacy services via Chat or GoToMeeting’s Video Chat Service.

You can see our representative.  You can sense the value of their advice and counsel.  Not talk to someone who may not be in the same time zone or country!

And, because our Team is Licensed, we can provide actual analysis and interpretation of the coverage you have!

In addition, because our Founders have almost 100 years of experience…not College Kids who’ve decided that they want to disrupt an industry which bases it’s entire reputation on great customer service….we know how to actually help customers obtain the benefits and coverage that they’re paying their hard earned month for.  If you have a Prescription that’s not being covered or can’t obtain the Physician Referral that you desperately need, we have decades of experience helping our customers provide the data needed to obtain approval.  We coordinate, in harmony, with your Physician the data needed and required by the Insurance Provider to adjudicate a claim.

In many cases, we do all this while you’re online with our Expert Advisers.

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