Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1.  How many Employees do we need to launch an International Employee Benefits Plan?   - 2 Employees outside of your Home Country
  2. Do you offer Dental, Vision, Life and Disablity Insurance?  Yes we do!  We can include it with your Health Program
  3. Do you offer Business Travel Accident Coverage?  Yes we do!
  4. Can we add one country at a time or do we have to cover all our International Employees at once?  Yes you can!  We realize it's hard to communicate and enroll employees that are not in the same time zone or continent. We allow you to roll out the coverage in a way that best suits your company.
  5. Do our employees have to fill out Medical Statements for Underwriting?  That depends on the number of employees in each country.  Typically, any company with more than 5 employees can have non-Fully Medically Underwritten Applications.
  6. Can we get One Bill for our entire International Workforce?  Yes!  We can aggregate your benefits cost into One Billing.
  7. Which Carriers do you work with?  Currently, we work with Allianz, AXA, UHC, Cigna and many others. We've found that not one carrier can provide our customers with every country that they need to cover or every benefit that our customers need.